Resuming Glorious Hearts

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I just brought my mother to the tram stop. In an hour she will fly back to the Netherlands . For the first time since the 1st of January, I’m home alone (I’m the Macaulay Culkin of Scotland). That’s actually a bit strange. Since I almost died on Hogmanay, I constantly had family around me. My father, my mother or one of my brothers. That was nice, but I think I can handle it alone now. I slowly start to regain some strength. Hills and stairs are still very hard for me and I can’t lift heavy things, but otherwise the recovery is going pretty good . I feel not as good as before the stomach bleeding (oddly enough the recovery after the heart attack was faster), but I can’t complain. My body still needs to create blood the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, I have no problem with writing at the moment so that I can picking that up again. I lost six weeks, but there are worse things. I could have been sitting in a urn now. I hope that all the misery is over now, so that I can focus on the Glorious Hearts project again.



  1. markd

    sorry to hear of your recent healrh problems and wishing you a full recovery. I am a hearts supporter of 40 years originally from edinburgh currently “exiled” in glasgow :-) Best wishes for the remainder of your project following the glorious hearts!

  2. marley

    Sorry to hear that you were unwell, I hadn’t seen you at games/diggers but that’s often the way and hadn’t known you had taken ill. All the best with the recovery and the rest of the project.

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