Fifty Shades of Tynecastle

8 DSC01519

The film “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a big hype. I have no idea if it’s a good film or not, but their PR-machine is brilliant. You will see posters everywhere and on social media there is a lot of talk about it. I have no interest in being whipped, but I also have my fetish: football grounds. Tynecastle is the reason why Hearts was the first Scottish club I visited in 2006. It’s also one of the reasons I’m following Hearts this season. The Main Stand is old and out-dated, but I love it. If only they would knock that ugly office building in front of that stand down. Because I like the Main Stand so much, I had to do something about it. Since July I took a lot of pictures from the same spot. I selected fifty of them. Here you can see the result: Fifty Shades of Tynecastle.

1 DSC00264 2 DSC00258 3 DSC01255 4 DSC00273 5 DSC00419 6 DSC00421 7 DSC00070 8 DSC01519 9 DSC01863 10 DSC01581 11 DSC03527 12 DSC03738 13 DSC04652 14 DSC04907 15 DSC05368 16 DSC05469 17 DSC07015 18 DSC07260 19 DSC07655 20 DSC08879 21 DSC07753 22 DSC07855 23 DSC08403 24 DSC08871 25 DSC08610 26 DSC08873 27 DSC08874 28 DSC09073 29 DSC07862 30 DSC09072 31 DSC08878 32 DSC09383 33 DSC09417 34 DSC08882 35 DSC09589 36 DSC09628 37 DSC09633 38 DSC09875 39 DSC09805 40 DSC09891 41 DSC09962 42 DSC09980 43 DSC09982 44 DSC09998 45 DSC00272 46 DSC00417 47 DSC01181 48 DSC09588 49 DSC07656 50 DSC08889


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  1. Peter

    Hi Joris, nice pictures…lot of blue skies, especially when I compare it with Shanghai…but here it has more to do with the polition that the sun or blue sky isn’t vincible that many….hope you are ok! Happy chinese new year by the way …happy year of the goat & the year of Hearts of course ;-)))

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